Road to hell is paved with good intentions…

Today I had a great plan for practice: to go through the whole setlist of mine with one go. Would’ve been a great plan, too, if only I hadn’t gotten this splitting headache that forced me to quit before 2 hours were full. Note to self: if you have a tiny headache before practice, take that darn ibuprofen or do something with the ache, since blowing horn might bring the little headache to near migraine.

Maybe tomorrow, then!


Schedule explotion

What a couple of weeks! I have had quite a bunch of things to do and even though I have definitely enjoyed my life to max with all these other doings my sax playing has been the one paying the bitter bill; I haven’t touched the horn for almost a week now, and am starting to be noticeably grumpy and feel like life has no meaning. That’s what lack of practice does! Luckily I can play my digital piano any time of a day so at least I have had some piano practice regardless. But starting tomorrow I am intending to pull all these other doings together so that I can give all the free hours of next week to the horn. Some new songs are in order in addition to few of the old ones; Mood Indigo at least… any other suggestions?