After session some Red Clay

I was doing little recording for my friend’s piece, and after we got that done I asked him if he could record me playing with couple of Hal Leonard’s play-along tracks. We ended recording Nardis and Red Clay, and even if I do hear vacation taken a toll from my embouchure and tone I think this is not too bad for one take recording. Hope you like it, too! 🙂



Here’s couple of songs I’ve been working with lately!

Practicing with the new Ponzol mouthpiece has been a lot and lot of fun, and in addition it’s been improving my sound quite a lot. I don’t know if it’s possible for a mouthpiece make playing faster, but it sure feels like it has also made some quick passages if not totally smooth at least more possible!

Chris Potter: All The Things You Are

It so happened that my plans for the autumn were changed, and due to that I went and enrolled into Berkeley Jazz School, where Mark Levine is doing a 10-week class for Jazz Theory. Boy, did I bite a big piece to chew there! I’ll inform you later -if my brain haven’t melted- how it all went, but in the meanwhile here’s a clip from a sax player my teacher Tony recommended. Chris Potter improvises on top of one of my favorite tunes, All The things You Are… to really appreciate what he does with the tune it sure helps if you know the song, so for those who are not familiar with the song here’s a link to Ella’s beautiful take of it:

And then Chris’s take on the tune:

Me go back to practice now. See you again when I’ve learned to play that damn horn! 😉

Workin’ with Sarah, Miles and Bird…

Lately I’ve been working with some new or less practiced songs, in addition to some arabic scales. Here’s my last few days’ to do -list.

Sarah Vaughan’s live recording of Willow Weep For Me makes me wanna sing, too:

Miles’ version of the song On Green Dolphin Street. How Coltrane lands on his solo gives me thrills every time!

Bird’s Blues For Alice. About time for me to get this Parker song under construction!

And while I was practicing “Stella By Starlight” I bumped into this amazing take. I just love this young gentleman’s solo on it!

Stolen Moments and Shure58

I spent most of the day doing technical practicing and then learning the Monk song Well You Needn’t. Then I had a little bit fun with a GarageBand, and recorded some jamming over the Hal Leonard’s play-along recording for one of my old favorites, Stolen moments 🙂

Gotta say basic Shure58 is a good microphone for sax. Very soft and clean, pleasant sound by default… there’s only a dash of echo and reverb added to the mixup.

Women’s Jazz & Blues Camp

This week I am participating at the Women’s Blues and Jazz Camp in Berkeley’s Jazz school, and boy what an experience! We have some great teachers pouring information in our brains, and I am quite happy to play in both blues and jazz ensembles during these three days I was able to participate. Session with saxophones only as well as some percussion sessions are included into my schedule, as well as theory and improvisation. Nice. I could definitely get used to spending all my days jamming with other lady musicians! 🙂

Some songs we practice with the ensembles: If I Were a Bell, On The Sunny Side of the Street, Honeysuckle Rose and Secret Love and ooooh, I played my third ever prima vista today with the latter, and with a band! Couldn’t feel much better about that! 😀