Butchart Gardens, BC

Heii, I’m alive! I’ve been traveling lately hence the radio silence, but soon I wish to be back to my practicing and jamming routines, and there’s gigs lined up, too! I’m very exited.

In the meanwhile here’s a bunch of pictures from our short visit to Vancouver Island, BC… I can’t but recommend if you are at all into gardens and happen to visit in Vancouver Island, do visit Butchart Gardens! That is by far the most amazing place I’ve visited, garden-wise… it seemed like in BC one can’t really take a stroll without noticing the British heritage in all the beautiful gardens left and right! Food and BC wine were both pleasant new acquaintances, as well as the amazing museums and scenic beaches. All in all Victoria was nice city which I’d be glad to visit again sooner than later, and even for a few extra days.

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Women’s blues & jazz camp 2013, Berkeley, CA

Hei! As I already mentioned in the latter post, I spent a few days last week playing jazz & blues with some fellow lady musicians at Women’s Blues & Jazz Camp @ Berkeley Jazz School. I had lot of fun, and even though I couldn’t participate but half the camp I still got quite a bunch out of the workshops; theory and improvisation, some stuff to pay attention to with sax, few new songs etc. And of course, got to acquaint some really talented ladies! I cannot appreciate that enough.

Here’s some pictures, taken during the last Friday’s practice, lunchtime jam sessions and evening’s concert!

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The days passed by way too fast, I could’ve continued spending my days like that for at least another couple of weeks, and I really wish I can participate again next year. Meanwhile, I’d like to thank all the teachers who taught me, all the co-musicians I got to play and hang out with, thank you all, what a beautiful experience!

Straight, No Chaser

This Thelonius Monk’s song has caused me some grey hair lately. The melody itself is quite simple, but there’s a little twist in the rhythm towards the end of phrase which has caused my fingers tumbling clumsily around the so called spoons. Today I finally nailed it, with the metronome 140Bpm. Of course in this Monk’s recording the song is faster, so more practice is in order!

I also finally practiced the melody to Parker’s My Little Suede Shoes. It’s been one of the jam session songs forever and so far I’ve played part of the melody by ear, and long harmony notes to the places I didn’t quite know how the melody goes, but now finally I pulled that together, too.

Other musical adventures include piano -we went through Monk’s Dream last time and my teacher kicked my ass to practice more scales. And I have a new project, a duo using laptops and Ableton as instruments, mixing samples with acoustic stuff. So it’s almost like learning three instruments simultaneously. I definitely have my work cut for this spring!

Something else: Fleetweek shots

Here’s some shots from Fleetweek happening couple of weeks ago. Or is it three already? Time flies and I run, and quite often don’t have a clue how much time has passed. I guess they call it an adulthood.

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So, there were some older planes as well as always so cool Blue Angels showing what men can do when g-forces are pulling their cheeks towards their spine.┬áSome amazing tricks those pilots did with the planes… I have to admit I’d L O V E to experience a ride in one of those fast planes, just to know how it feels!