After session some Red Clay

I was doing little recording for my friend’s piece, and after we got that done I asked him if he could record me playing with couple of Hal Leonard’s play-along tracks. We ended recording Nardis and Red Clay, and even if I do hear vacation taken a toll from my embouchure and tone I think this is not too bad for one take recording. Hope you like it, too! 🙂


Stolen Moments and Shure58

I spent most of the day doing technical practicing and then learning the Monk song Well You Needn’t. Then I had a little bit fun with a GarageBand, and recorded some jamming over the Hal Leonard’s play-along recording for one of my old favorites, Stolen moments 🙂

Gotta say basic Shure58 is a good microphone for sax. Very soft and clean, pleasant sound by default… there’s only a dash of echo and reverb added to the mixup.