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Woodwinds, some music to play, little wine to quench the thirst and occasional silence in nature, what else could one hope for?


Under practice right now:



Here’s couple of songs I’ve been working with lately!

Practicing with the new Ponzol mouthpiece has been a lot and lot of fun, and in addition it’s been improving my sound quite a lot. I don’t know if it’s possible for a mouthpiece make playing faster, but it sure feels like it has also made some quick passages if not totally smooth at least more possible!

Ponzol mouthpiece!

Yay! I was actually test-playing some new horns when I bumped into this metal mouthpiece from Peter Ponzol.

Ponzol2It’s the model SL 85 (opening of *6), and brings the whole variety of sounds! It’s also very pleasant to blow, though quite picky for the technique so I have to really pay attention to my tonguing and such. So, when I’d been sleeping for couple of nights after trying it out and also doing some research I decided to go for it before upgrading my horn. Mouthpiece is, after all -and apart from one’s techniques- the most crucial part of the horn when it comes to sound, so since I liked this one so much with Cannonballs and my own horn I decided I want to test play the possible new horns with this one, too, before making my decision. Ponzol1 Ponzol3For me it seems Vandoren green cut 2 works really good right now, I might also try 2,5 at some point.  I am still kind of breaking it in, but hope I have you some test sounds later! In the meanwhile, I better keep practicing 😉

Singing blues, on stage…

After years of practically singing only in karaoke – and even that only twice in the blue moon and when tipsy enough – I was fooling around and singing this Finnish blues while rehearsing for the up-coming gig with some of my co-musicians. And they went and liked it so much that in the end of the rehearsals we had decided to add the song in the set – Finnish is, after all, very exotic here and people sure seem to be very intrigued by my mother language. So there I was last night, entertaining people by singing Finnish blues on the stage. And not only singing but scatting! Who would’ve known… but it was actually quite a lot of fun, plus nobody came complaining about my mispronunciation! In your face, all the damn complainers and pronunciation police in Finland!

And of course, what happened in the bar last night one can find from Youtube tonight, so here’s the clip of the gig, stolen from Ted’s blog. First we play “All Blues” and then in the end there’s “Kaikessa Soi Blues”. The word is added in the scatting for Chris, just ’cause she cracks for it every time!

Maybe I’ll start singing in the morning showers… just in case?

Chris Potter: All The Things You Are

It so happened that my plans for the autumn were changed, and due to that I went and enrolled into Berkeley Jazz School, where Mark Levine is doing a 10-week class for Jazz Theory. Boy, did I bite a big piece to chew there! I’ll inform you later -if my brain haven’t melted- how it all went, but in the meanwhile here’s a clip from a sax player my teacher Tony recommended. Chris Potter improvises on top of one of my favorite tunes, All The things You Are… to really appreciate what he does with the tune it sure helps if you know the song, so for those who are not familiar with the song here’s a link to Ella’s beautiful take of it:

And then Chris’s take on the tune:

Me go back to practice now. See you again when I’ve learned to play that damn horn! 😉

Workin’ with Sarah, Miles and Bird…

Lately I’ve been working with some new or less practiced songs, in addition to some arabic scales. Here’s my last few days’ to do -list.

Sarah Vaughan’s live recording of Willow Weep For Me makes me wanna sing, too:

Miles’ version of the song On Green Dolphin Street. How Coltrane lands on his solo gives me thrills every time!

Bird’s Blues For Alice. About time for me to get this Parker song under construction!

And while I was practicing “Stella By Starlight” I bumped into this amazing take. I just love this young gentleman’s solo on it!