hanging out

I am a practicing saxophone player, who migrated from Finland to California 2010. Back in the country of origin I’d been singing, writing songs, arranging, composing, playing and fooling around in and with all sorts of orchestras, bands, choirs and ensembles nearly two decades, so it was kind of self-evident that soon as I settle in my new home country I have to get together with other musicians and get myself a band. So say we all: here I am now, playing regularly in San Francisco jam sessions – most likely you’ll find me in Cafe International where the Sunday Jazz Jam with Miles Ahead Ensemble runs every Sunday from about 4PM to 9PM – rocking it in a future-jazz duo The Voice of The Octagon with my co-musician Ted, and playing gigs with Hipsteria, Super Super Ensemble and other ensembles. Recordings from some of the sessions can be found from my Soundcloud page.

I also collaborate with some great musicians in country of origin, thanks to new technology which makes it possible for us to make music without physically being in the same place! Päivän Keitto – translates Soup Of The Day – is a collaboration with some of my dearest, oldest friends, you can find our published songs from YouTube:

I began playing with Yamaha YAS-32 alto, a great student horn. I still have it as a traveling companion, but nowadays I have Yanagisawa A-901 alto saxophone as my main instrument, with whom I use either a metal Peter Ponzol mouthpiece *85 or a plastic vintage Selmer D mouthpiece filed to perfection by Eric Drake from Saxology in Berkeley.

Once again I’m in the middle of the process of sound-searching, hence the reeds I use can vary from Vandoren green cut #2 to Hemke #2 (Ponzol) or vandoren ZZ #2,5 or #3 to Hemke #3 or even Rigotti Gold Jazz #2,5 (Selmer). Rigotti would probaby be my first choice, but they’re preciously difficult to come by even here in Bay Area, and I just haven’t gotten around to buy them online.


I also play Cannonball Big Bell tenor saxophone, with Ponzol or Vandoren mouthpieces and similar reed selection than above.

I started to play sax somewhere in the end of nineties with my friend’s punk band. But back then and most of the first decade of 2K I was more into singing, sax being merely a curiosity, hence I’ve had years worth of breaks in practicing up until 2008 when I started to take lessons and got more serious with the horn. That makes it challenging to put a finger on how long I have actually played, when someone asks. Not that it matters for me; I’ve played enough to know I will never be “ready”.

In addition to practicing and playing saxophone I play flute, and I have also been fooling around with myriad other instruments including piano, guitar and drums, though I wouldn’t dare say I _play_ them, let alone fool with them in public.

Outside music I am into wine, nature and hiking, which all we explore and do with my beloved husband. I also photograph and write some, and am a sucker for street fashion as well as for vintage cars and motorcycles. One curious bastardessa, one could say!

This blog is mainly about my adventures in the world of music, but who knows…


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