New teacher, sax-gym and Päivän Keitto still going strong

Time for an update. It makes two posts this year, what an over-achiever I’ve become!

So the year has gone pretty much by working, practicing and living life. A little traveling, lot of good times with friends and family and most importantly, LOT of good music has been published. As I’m writing this I counted 42 songs published in Youtube. 42! You might wanna check some of them out, too, playlist HERE.

I also got together with a new teacher. He’s good. He gave me so much homework that I wouldn’t necessary need another lesson before next summer or so, but I’ll try to get back together again soon. So one of the things he made me do, something which I have been neglecting all this time, is to play scales, throughout the whole range of the horn, fast. I’ve replaced my earlier scale warmup with this practice, and good gods, after pulling the full on practice I feel like I’ve been doing full workout in the gym! I tried to add the practice to tenor playing too, but my hands started to ache so much that I decided to do it with alto alone for now. No need to break myself.

So yeah, life and music is still good, hopefully next year will see me finally climbing over some barriers in my playing and some development. Keep practicing!