Trans-Atlantic collaboration: Päivän Keitto!

2017 and already February, time for an update!

2016 – I’m happy it’s over. Enough said.

This year have started with some interesting collaborations with my beloved musician friends from country of origin. The first collaboration Päivän Keitto – translates Soup Of The Day – is based on the musician, composer, lyricist and sound engineer Miikkali Leppihalme’s songs. All the work takes place online: each of the partaking musicians have recording ability at home, so everyone has quite free hands and are pretty much in charge of their own instrument, while Miikkali has the final say-so about the final cut and mixup of each song. I’ve been including all my little curiosity instruments as well as put my tenor in work! Files are sent back and forth and discussion about the songs takes place online, often in real time and in those little windows in time when our waken realities collide. And boy are we productive! Already several songs are published online, and collaboration has been very enjoyable and shit-ton of fun!

Nuff said. Let the music do rest of the talking! 🙂