Where did 2015 go?

Hei! Wow, it’s been a long time since I last posted! Maybe time to update a little?

Since 2014 I’ve gotten myself couple new instruments. Tenor sax was long yearned and awaited addition to my collection of axes! First, in last autumn, I rented one for a while, but when I was informed about a lightly used but very well kept Cannonball, stone series, I just couldn’t let it slip from my hands. Big boy for sure, both in weight and sound, and I am still kind of on my way to finding the best possible ergonomics with it. Regardless, we already have so much fun together!

pelitjavehkeetThen I went and got myself a flute. Mm, yes, a flute! Truth be told I’ve really enjoyed the sound of flute ever since I was a kid, and after mentioning that and few other excuses to get into flute my co-worker was more than happy to hook me up with one. Couple of months into practice and after some serious frustration as well as feeling myself dumb and dumber, now I’ve finally gotten a little hunch of the embouchure… and maybe one of these days I’m able to play some music with that, too!

The good side of practicing all these new instruments is that my dear ol’ alto sax feels comfortingly familiar, almost easy in times.

Yeah, working in a music store specialized in wind instruments and orchestra string instruments can be a bit… well, don’t we all know how hard it sometimes can be NOT to bring work home? 😉


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