New horn and Jordu

After few months going around test playing horns – and upgrading my mouthpiece in the process – I bumped into Yanagisawa horn at the sessions. Now Yanagisawa is a manufacturer I had known about, but for some reason I had kind of overlooked it, thinking that like Selmer’s more professional models these also are out of my range. And there aren’t so many of them around, really, so I never got to try one. But things lead to other things and “Yani” travelled home yesterday… end of search, so far.


I broke it in a little today but am planning taking the horn to Eric’s place so he can check it out before I get really serious with it. I love the horn already, it has a nice touch and rich, warm sound.

Practice-wise Duke Jordan’s Jordu has given me some serious trouble lately. I love it!

Happy Valentine’s day! 🙂