Ponzol mouthpiece!

Yay! I was actually test-playing some new horns when I bumped into this metal mouthpiece from Peter Ponzol.

Ponzol2It’s the model SL 85 (opening of *6), and brings the whole variety of sounds! It’s also very pleasant to blow, though quite picky for the technique so I have to really pay attention to my tonguing and such. So, when I’d been sleeping for couple of nights after trying it out and also doing some research I decided to go for it before upgrading my horn. Mouthpiece is, after all -and apart from one’s techniques- the most crucial part of the horn when it comes to sound, so since I liked this one so much with Cannonballs and my own horn I decided I want to test play the possible new horns with this one, too, before making my decision. Ponzol1 Ponzol3For me it seems Vandoren green cut 2 works really good right now, I might also try 2,5 at some point.  I am still kind of breaking it in, but hope I have you some test sounds later! In the meanwhile, I better keep practicing 😉


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