Holy Mother of All Groove


I’ve been working with Caravan lately, and when I found this take and started to listen, no sooner than the piano starts every hair on my body was standing upright like soldiers!

This is Groove. Love it.



Yeah! I will be playing jazz tomorrow at Melt, San Francisco, starting at 7PM up until 10PM approximately. Come check us out! 🙂

Butchart Gardens, BC

Heii, I’m alive! I’ve been traveling lately hence the radio silence, but soon I wish to be back to my practicing and jamming routines, and there’s gigs lined up, too! I’m very exited.

In the meanwhile here’s a bunch of pictures from our short visit to Vancouver Island, BC… I can’t but recommend if you are at all into gardens and happen to visit in Vancouver Island, do visit Butchart Gardens! That is by far the most amazing place I’ve visited, garden-wise… it seemed like in BC one can’t really take a stroll without noticing the British heritage in all the beautiful gardens left and right! Food and BC wine were both pleasant new acquaintances, as well as the amazing museums and scenic beaches. All in all Victoria was nice city which I’d be glad to visit again sooner than later, and even for a few extra days.

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