Stolen Moments and Shure58

I spent most of the day doing technical practicing and then learning the Monk song Well You Needn’t. Then I had a little bit fun with a GarageBand, and recorded some jamming over the Hal Leonard’s play-along recording for one of my old favorites, Stolen moments 🙂

Gotta say basic Shure58 is a good microphone for sax. Very soft and clean, pleasant sound by default… there’s only a dash of echo and reverb added to the mixup.


Musical Sunday & Afro Blue

When I woke up this morning… I felt like someone had beaten me with a baseball stick, I was yearning for coffee -which I of course hadn’t remembered to grab from grocery store yesterday- and my head was humming. Nope, I did not have a hangover, but what I had I’d been playing music yesterday from 2PM to 9PM and apart from few breaks rather intensively so. It’s interesting how the more I develop as a musician the more I tend to put myself in when I play, both physically and mentally… and often end up feeling as if I had gone through triathlon or something.

And I love it!

That being said here’s a little recording from yesterdays Cafe International jazz jam sessions. Afro Blue is one of the first songs I learned through this jam session when I started to go and play there two years ago, and it is still one of my favorites so I am very happy I finally had my little recorder with when we played it yesterday. My solo starts somewhere around 2:00.

The Voice of the Octagon also had one helluva session yesterday, and some recordings are soon to be found from our page, too. Stay tuned!


Hell-ohh! How time flies when one has fun, it’s already May! After Women’s Jazz & Blues Camp my right hand started to be really achy due to too much practicing – and probably faulty position, too, something to which I have really tried to pay attention lately – so I had to take a break from everything and give the hand a rest. The vacation did good; my hands are in shape again, so I’ve been active with The Voice of The Octagon – we had a photo shoot a while ago and Ted also has updated some new recordings in the blog, by all means go check those out! – as well as banging my head against the wall with music theory… and finally getting it, too. And, of course, playing piano and sax! Have I mentioned earlier that I am an incurable play-a-holic and if I don’t get to practice for few days I become impossible, grumpy and awful bitch? No kidding here, it’s worse than PMS, and the only thing that helps is to dig out that horn and blow it like it was our last day on earth… which, to my husband’s relief (poor guy has to live with me through these breaks) I sure did when my thumb finally let me! Peace on earth and so on.

Last week I spent some time in a house with an actual piano, and it so happened that one day after breakfast I went and sat before the piano without any sheets, practice methods or anything in front of me and just started banging away, thinking of something we’d been talking with Ariel last time. And once again as soon as I gave myself a chance to just have fun and fool around, music came and took over, and soon I noticed my hubby standing in the doorway, amazed by how I have developed with piano. Funny – I probably couldn’t play piano in front of audience even if my life was depending on that, but leave me alone with the instrument and all kind of music emerge… it’s kind of spooky, really!

So everything is fine and well here, spring has sprung, development occurs as well as new music. What else can one hope for? Well, maybe wine… 😉