Womens Jazz & blues camp press and video!


Check Patricia’s photo slide show and read her article here, too!



Hei! Finally got my SoundCloud page up and running, so from now on some of my recordings can be found from here.

Here’s a little recording from yesterday’s Sunday Jazz jam sessions with Miles Ahead


And don’t forget to follow my new project with Ted M Superstar, The Voice of The Octagon, in our blog! The Voice of The Octagon is improvised elektro-jazz mixing sampling and acoustic instruments.

Countdown to Giant Steps

I was visiting Union Music the other day, meaning to purchase some new, thicker reeds, when Sam asked me what I was working with nowadays and after I had told him showed me some new studying material I might be interested in. Amongst all the interesting material he showed me -Union Music has quite a good selection of sheet music and other material- was this Aebersold’s book of how to approach Giant Steps… step by step!

GSteps123I’ve been struggling with this composition every now and then and even though I once almost nailed it in the jam session I still feel almost intimidated by this piece of genius composition. But this little book spoke to me like nobody’s business, not only because of its approach to the song itself, but also because of its arpeggio practices – one of my weak spots is that I should practice arpeggios WAY more than I do – and some other, Giant Step inspired tunes and such.

So far I’ve gone through some of the basic practices in the book, noticed how badly I have needed to do something like this, and on top of it enjoyed playing those arpeggios more than ever before! Once again thanks to Sam for pointing me what I need, I’ll keep you informed where this leads!

Women’s blues & jazz camp 2013, Berkeley, CA

Hei! As I already mentioned in the latter post, I spent a few days last week playing jazz & blues with some fellow lady musicians at Women’s Blues & Jazz Camp @ Berkeley Jazz School. I had lot of fun, and even though I couldn’t participate but half the camp I still got quite a bunch out of the workshops; theory and improvisation, some stuff to pay attention to with sax, few new songs etc. And of course, got to acquaint some really talented ladies! I cannot appreciate that enough.

Here’s some pictures, taken during the last Friday’s practice, lunchtime jam sessions and evening’s concert!

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The days passed by way too fast, I could’ve continued spending my days like that for at least another couple of weeks, and I really wish I can participate again next year. Meanwhile, I’d like to thank all the teachers who taught me, all the co-musicians I got to play and hang out with, thank you all, what a beautiful experience!