Sunday Jazz jam Feb 10th, Footprints

It’s been a while, but here’s some new jam session recordings. My solo somewhere around 3:45. Thanks again for Ted 🙂

As some of you might notice I begin the solo with playing Stolen Moments on top of Footprints. They fit together also vice versa pretty nicely. Playing tunes on top of the others have always fascinated me, probably because I am fond of inside jokes – at least as long as I get the joke, too 😉


Ilmiliekki Quartet

Hei! I haven’t had too much to say after we returned from our holiday trip; life has been mostly good, pleasantly full of music and practicing though sometimes I’m close to brain damage when trying to adapt jazz theory, I’ve been learning at my piano classes, to my saxophone playing. Okay, the theory itself is really not a rocket science, but some of the practices are challenging. To say the least. I have also tried to deepen my sound and a week ago, in the middle of playing some long notes something happened; it was as if something that had been stuck in the horn let go, and the sound changed, dramatically! Now I try to find what exactly it was I did, since even though I am often capable to repeat the fullness of the sound I’d like to find the exact method to that madness.
But today the flu that’s been rampaging here finally got a grip of me, too, and now most of my energy and intention is aimed for getting better in the next 24 hours.

My friend hinted me about this Finnish jazz quartet, and he also sent me their record which I’ve been listening today. Wow.  Such an awesome stuff, and sound! Highly recommended, do check out Ilmiliekki Quartet.