New case. Finally!


I’ve been wanting a new, sturdier case for my sax for some time now, but this coming trip to Europe finally forced me to do something about it instead of just talk. I had a little donation for my birthday (thank you!) and that together with a good deal I got from Union Music lead me getting myself a case from Selmer. I love it. I can carry it as a backpack, fit my notes and laptop in the side pocket (though I really have to be careful with the latter since I can’t quite fit the laptop with its neoprene sleeve in… gotta find a solution for that, too), and it is very sturdy on top of the fact that my sax fits very snugly in it so gone are the days of it bouncing around. Thank you!



New ligature!

I am painfully aware of the fact that due to the wine and piano studies I have neglected my sax practice very badly. One more week and the big exams are over and I promise (!) that during the holidays both the piano and my sax will get all the attention they deserve!

I got myself a new ligature as a birthday present, it is Vandoren Optimum for alto. I’ve had super fun with that thing since it brings some metallic notes to my sound which I really like, kind of more clarity and edge. Now I have to really keep in mind to relax my throat, especially when I blow the high notes! I might even consider of testing some new reeds with this new equipment, I kind of feel like I could have more tones out if I combined a slightly thinner reed to the ligature.

I also should consider few new songs under practice, but I have kind of run out of ideas what I would like to practice. Maybe you would have a suggestion?