Piano adventures

Due to a really busy autumn I just realized I haven’t written about my piano adventures for a long time! So let’s update.

My husband is very much into classical piano music, and ever since I’ve started to learn piano I’ve been very easy to talk over to the piano concerts. Since my knowledge of classical music is quite limited I have been enjoying the fact he knows so much more about the different artists, and it’s been a pleasure to just let him take me to the concert knowing that I always end up enjoying the ride! He’s really helped me expand my appreciation for classical piano (though my knowledge about the artists is still limited, since I have a black hole in my brains where other people store names…).

Last week he took me to see Emanuel Ax play Schubert and Beethoven, and boy that was an experience! First we went into the hall and there it was, majestic Grand Piano standing on the stage looking so amazing I had to name it The Beast. But when Emanuel came and started to play it… I had never, ever in my wildest dreams imagined how utterly expressive that instrument can be! My arm-hair stood up like billion soldiers ready to conquer while he made The Beast express all kinds of moods from giggles and laughter to wandering in countryside roads and assault like a tsunami on the shore… that, my friends, was purest bestness.

My own journey with piano is still going strong even though my studies and especially exams do distract my practice pattern sometimes. But I learn, thanks to my greatly talented teacher, Ariel, who has an amazing ability to always notice what is the most beneficial to work with on any given lesson. During these weeks we have gone through some more of the Chopin Nocturne, and I can play -roughly, but play nonetheless- first part with two hands, and lately we’ve gone through the first 16 bars of the second part. We have also been adding some very useful music theory, too: chords and how they relate to the scales they’re in and …oh boy, I am yet to learn all that before I can really explain it…!

My hands are already much stronger than they were when I began, and thank goodness my wrists haven’t been aching for some while anymore! For a short while I was really a bit worried that I have broken my right wrist with too much practice, but everything seems to be fine now even if I have played quite a lot of a piano at my in-laws’ house, which is an amazing instrument but also somewhat heavy to play. I also find that learning kind of gets easier all the time. I still bump into my brains getting totally jammed every now and then, and then again, but I do notice a bit of development, too.

Sometimes I just have a glass of wine and sit in front of the piano, and just… fool around with it, and every time I manage to get out something that really is music from that amazing instrument, and that is so cool!

To be continued… 🙂


Song For My Father

Cafe International Sunday jazz jam Nov 11th 2012. And my solo is the second of (sax) solos.

Thanks to Ted for the recording, again! His awesome bow solo begins somewhere around 9:22 or so, check that out, too!