Jammin’ in San Fran

Thanks to Ted, again, here’s a little recording from the Cafe International jazz jam sessions last Sunday!


Something else: Fleetweek shots

Here’s some shots from Fleetweek happening couple of weeks ago. Or is it three already? Time flies and I run, and quite often don’t have a clue how much time has passed. I guess they call it an adulthood.

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So, there were some older planes as well as always so cool Blue Angels showing what men can do when g-forces are pulling their cheeks towards their spine.┬áSome amazing tricks those pilots did with the planes… I have to admit I’d L O V E to experience a ride in one of those fast planes, just to know how it feels!

Alive & kickin’

Hei! I’ve been busy as a bee with a class, harvest and other doings, but I have also been able to give some serious quality time to both sax and piano. I’ve had couple of new songs under practice, and during practicing them I noticed that I have gotten much better in reading sax sheets, too. Now THAT was a revelation, and it still feels amazing!

Ted had posted another recording from the jazz jam couple a weeks ago. The beginning is a little bit of a hassle due to too many wind instruments playing the head (if I remember correctly there were 9 of us), but the solos are good! My solo is after flute, beginning at about 1:37

I’ll ride up to north on Tuesday for a week or so, and I will have my recording stuff, my sax and the piano there with me. Hopefully I will finally get some recordings done, keep your thumbs up for that!

Schedule explotion

What a couple of weeks! I have had quite a bunch of things to do and even though I have definitely enjoyed my life to max with all these other doings my sax playing has been the one paying the bitter bill; I haven’t touched the horn for almost a week now, and am starting to be noticeably grumpy and feel like life has no meaning. That’s what lack of practice does! Luckily I can play my digital piano any time of a day so at least I have had some piano practice regardless. But starting tomorrow I am intending to pull all these other doings together so that I can give all the free hours of next week to the horn. Some new songs are in order in addition to few of the old ones; Mood Indigo at least… any other suggestions?