leftI’ve noticed that fooling around with piano is, for me, better therapy than driving a car. Those who know me in real life also know that it is a lot to be said. I’ve been sitting with this instrument basically ever since it came in yesterday, breaking my brains trying to make Saffire and Garageband work as I want them to -still no success, I am such a blonde when it comes to studio technique- and done some test recording, but mostly I’ve been just banging away. Suddenly it’s dark outside and here I still am with headphones.

I’m waiting to have my first lesson this week, and am excited! What am I about to learn, about this instrument, about music, about myself?



Miles Davis has a special place in my heart since he was the first jazz player and composer who really hit my spots back in the days. I also really love his laid-back style of playing. Boplicity, which I have been practicing quite a lot lately, is in my opinion a beautiful example of that style.


After my Finnish practicing diary platform bugged I took it as a sign to move the writings to this new platform. Hopefully WordPress will prove to be more flexible platform than the others I’ve tried so far!

Cheers, welcome to the saxventures!